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Congratulations on the opening of Chinese Wikinews!

May you successfully offer an informative, useful and neutral news source in the Chinese language, by the users for the users.

Thanks to Brion for wetting up the website, and to the Wikimedia Foundation for supporting yet another valuable resource. The WF is an outstanding organization.


See my user page at English Wikipedia and at English Wikisource.

I was the 38th user account created at this zh.wikinews website on its very first day, March 14, 2006. That day was also the Jewish holiday of Purim, a day when good things often happen... Dovi 12:54 2006年3月14日 (UTC)

English Links relevant to Chinese Wikinews[编辑]





Sinitic languages[编辑]

  • Proposal for Sinitic linguistic policy
  • Cantonese Wikipedia (my user page): Looks like the Sinitic language policy is beginning to be listened to. Cantonese Wikipedia is extremely active, community is vibrant. What else would you expect from a language with 70 million speakers in a literate, relatively online population? Hopefully wikis will be created for other large Chinese dialects too.