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sos detail on my youtube facebook teachertube(botse) 黃伯策 huang bo tse mind control腦控成員在我家樓上,台北市北投區民族街3x號4樓,5 The brain controls a member at my house's upstairs, the race str eet 3 xes in Beitou, Taipei City 4th floors, 5我的網誌,我和我家人,相關人士5f(原住戶),5f成原(國x黨)都可測謊,對質My blog, I and my family, related personage's 5 F(original inhabitant), the 5 F becomes at first(the country x party) all can polygraph, confront也在網咖出現(中和街28x號,9)appear in the net cafe(moderate the street 28 xes, 9)請幫忙散佈腦控組織(國x黨,共x黨)對大家用腦控的消息,散佈是反制腦控方法之一Please help spreading a brain to control the news that the organization(the country x party, total x party) controls with the brain to everyone, the dispersal is an anti- system brain to control one of the methods我受腦控迫害的慘痛 ... 腦控能控制你的思想和行為,你卻可以完全不知情 ... (個案一)「反腦控休閒俱樂部 . The brain controls "self-statement"::The first light of day in the blackness

腦控武器-受害者討論區-犯罪The brain controls crime victim's discussion area FB專頁